Total players on our maps: over 4 million

We create
and in-game activations inside Fortnite.
One of the most popular games in the world.


We specialize in bringing your brand into the Fortnite universe. We can build unique experiences in almost any game mode or theme and we also provide trailers for the map.


Working with brands is important, but we also enjoy making our own games inside Fortnite. That way we keep improving our skills and deliver the best work experience to our players and clients.

Brands we brought to Fortnite


Innovator in the world of Fortnite Machinima with the FortFlix channel, founder of Pixel Hunters and creative director. His maps have already reached more than 30 million plays, some of them being featured on Fortnite.

FELL Responsible for the creation of thumbnails and custom animations for animations. Has provided services for multiple brands, such as BIC, Heinz, Doritos and many more.

TOne of the most experienced Fortnite Map Creators in Brazil. Has created maps for brands like Samsung, Havaianas, EPIC Games and also created his own community maps, with more than 50MM plays.

Unreal Engine developer in training and also the newest member on the team, Bruno is tackling the challenge of learning the programming language designed exclusively for UEFN, Verse.

Game design enthusiast, one of our newest additions to the team. Has been studying and specializing in building 3d assets and unique VFX effects.