︎In this struggle for soil health, Heinz is sending out an S.O.S. for its tasty tomatoes which need to be grown from healthy soil. We have created a one-of-a-kind island, inspired by our tomato farms around the globe. In a Fortnite-first, players will be tasked to outrun ‘The Storm’. The shrinking safe zone has been developed to shine a light on the rapid rate at which soil health is declining.

Playing in the virtual world will have a positive impact in the real world, with Heinz helping to protect an extra 13.5M2 m of soil** (equating to more than 1600 soccer fields) This island highlights just some of the sustainable and regenerative practices that Heinz supports in the real world, in order to grow great quality tomatoes used to make the irresistible ketchup fans know and love.

Practices designed to improve soil health include cover cropping, crop rotation, and maintaining soil cover. Players will be able to access Heinz’s S.O.S. Tomatoes Island starting from Thursday, March 16, by entering code ‘1877-1435-6432’ on the island code page found on Fortnite’s “Discover” screen.